Sunday, April 7, 2013

oz the grat and powerull edition

hey its me as evedora from oz the grat and powerfull search for ujon on stardoll my name is katie

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

voting here :P




would you add me on stardoll
tottalyno way

Do you have a bf/gf on stardool?
Im stupid i cant tell    you

Have you ever won anything?

Do you think it is the best or dumb we have to pay for stardollars?

Someone with rare items (LE, Antidote, RBs, HBs and other collectors items)...

Do you copy other blogs?


hey guys its me here ujonu 
if you want visit me at my suite anyway lets go back to hacks :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

press the hack button and download or press download !!!!!! it works

This is the best working Stardoll Hack 2012 application. NEWLY Updated! Download the latest version build only from the link provided. The latest  Stardoll Hack 2012  development.This is the ORIGINAL tool. Don't download from other videos, it's probably been modified to include a virus or to scam you. Get the working version only here.

im a fairy haha

If you are from USA, click >> HERE <<. watch the video and done, the freebies will be in your Suite.

Hack! Amy Diamond

Just join the club of Amy Diamond here.

After,  the items will be in your suite! After joining the club

like barbie?

Store Hack!

If you are not able to see the store at your country, click  HERE
and the clothes will be in your dressing room


If you are from USA, log in to Stardoll first and then click HERE and the stuff should be in your room!

there we go

Ready for hacks?!

Here is the first hack!
  This isnt really hack but this an old store that you can still access! All you gotta do is click on this tab and everything from the store should be in the dressing room!  NOW JUST CLICK ON THIS TAB HERE !